I.I.P.A.'s History

The International Studies (IS) program was initiated in the 2005-2007 school year with the idea that curriculum offered to students enrolled in the program to be in accordance with the requirements of the Florida Department of Education and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.​

Both the Italian Ministry and the Miami-Dade School District are committed to excellence in education and believe the IS program promotes such excellence.

The Italian Ministry, represented by the Italian Consulate, work to directly support the program through its resource teachers and, within budgetary constraints, any technical support that it requires.

Employing this framework and a desire to support and enhance the program, I.I.P.A. as collaborative network was founded in 2010. Our goal was and remains to enrich the IS curriculum with cultural programs and events.

​I.I.P.A. members are very much a family and welcome new members warmly!

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