We are one big happy family of which we would love for you to be a part of. Becoming a member is simple! Just fill out a quick form and pay only $15 so we as an organization can continue to support the school with fun and educational IS programs.

We invite all talents to join us in any way you can. This can be just about anything such as:cooking, face-painting, leading a project, tutoring, or helping out from home with phone calls and/or mailings. As a non-profit, we need to fund wonderful events for kids, therefore appreciate your financial support, donations can also be made directly to us by emailing

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, thoughts, and comments! Your time is much appreciated!

Jacqueline Carini, Little Carver Mom, led an Earth Day art project where students used recycled materials to make new household projects. Here they painted old water bottles and turned them into pencil holders. The kids loved the opportunity to be Picasso for a day.



Marcella Jackson, Little Carver Mom, cooked up some delicious pasta con pesto for a school event. She directly supported her child's teacher by helping set-up the classroom before and after the event, and coordinated other parents' efforts.

Amber Morabito, Little Carver Mom, threw on her running gear and helped facilitate Carver Field Day where kids competed in friendly athletic games. She helped keep kids stay focused, hydrated, and have fun.


Native Italian and non native Italian speakers have set up an informal network of academic support to help students with their homework and Italian assignments. Though this has been working somewhat organically thus far, I.I.P.A. expects to formalize a native Italian tutoring group in the very near future.

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